Basketball Registration / Waiver Release

Ken Ferrare, doing business as DST Basketball, LLC, is insured by Sadler Insurance. Sadler Insurance requires participants to sign a waiver to help provide coverage when necessary. Thank you.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

Emergency Contact

As the parent/guardian of the child named above, I hereby give my full consent and approval for my child to participate in any activity of DST Basketball, LLC which may include Tryouts, Practices, Clinics, Camps, and/or Basketball Games. I also waive, release and hold harmless Coach Ken Ferrare and any staff member(s) of DST Basketball, LLC, and/or any facility DST Basketball, LLC utilizes, for any injury that the child may suffer while in the course of participating in any activity including but not limited to travel to an event. By signing this waiver, I also give permission for DST Basketball, LLC to photograph any activity to promote DST Basketball, LLC in Social Media, Media Publications, or Company Literature.